Who's Who - The Class of 1960 and Those Who Studied with Us

In November 1955, one-hundred-and-fifteen students sat for the examinations in chemistry, physics, botany and zoology. Standards were high, with only nine obtaining first class passes in all four subjects.

During our six years of study for MB BCh a number of students dropped out of the class, and others came in. Our Second Year Anatomy Class of 1956 was larger, as it included dental students and others who went on to the degree of BSc before completing their medical studies a year or two later. In 1960, fifty-five members of the original class made up the eighty-seven people who graduated MB BCh from the Medical School of the University of the Witwatersrand. (See the picture above, with Dean Professor Eustace Cluver in the middle of the front row.)  

Most members of the Class of 1960 were white men, who started medical school studies in their late teens and were in their early 20s at the time of graduation. Women, Black, Chinese and Indian graduates together numbered fewer than ten. In our list of students below and in our celebration, we include all those who studied with us for all or part of the time of our medical studies.

Below is a list of all those who studied with the graduating Class of 1960, in alphabetical order:

By clicking their names (where they are links) you will be able to read the personal stories and see the pictures, and in some cases the obituaries, that they or their families have submitted for this diamond jubilee celebration and commemoration.

Where the name is not yet a link – we appeal to anyone who knows or knew them, to get in touch and tell us their story. 

Agrotis, Ernest Nicholas
Arnold, Peter (BSc)
Auerbach, Ronald
Been, Hilary
Bengani, David Dumiso
Berger, Michael Benjamin
Bobrow, Martin (BSc)
Boner, Geoffrey
Bosman, Christopher Kay
Botha, Pierre Albert
Cochrane, Raymond Ivan
Cohen, Manley
Cohen, Stanley Gordon
Crosley, Anthony Ian
Damelin, Mervyn
Davis, Gloria
Dawes, Marion Elizabeth
Dimopoulos, Panayous
Ditira, Stadrach Seleboga
Dove, Ephraim
Edge, Kenneth Roger
Esrock, Jenny
Fanaroff, Avroy Arnold
Feldman, Joan Diane
Felgate, Edwin John
Festenstein, John
Gazidis, Costa (BSc)
Geffen, Laurence
Geldenhuys, Andries Retief
Glazer, Harry
Gottlieb, Allan Michael
Hall, Leonard Usher
Heyns, Anthon Duplessis
Hollis, Richard Roborg
Howell, Michael Eric
Hurwitz, Mervyn Bernard
Jackson, Rodwin Albert
Janse van Rensburg, Marthinus Phillipus
Jassat, Essop Essak (BSc) 
Joyce-Clarke, Nicholas
Kahn, Leonard Bernard
Kahn, Leopold
Kalell, Alec
Katz, Gary
Kirsch, Peter
Kretzmar, Theodore David
Kuming, Basil Stanley
Kussel, Jack Josiah

Lampert, Gerald
Landsberg, Pieter Guillaume
Le Roux, J. Stephanus (Fanie)

Lee, John Arthur
Lissoos, Irving
Livni, Naomi Margaret
Maass,Gerhard Friedrich

Maisels, Jeffrey
Mauff, Alfred Carl
McCusker, Vivian Ivan
Meyers, Anthony Molyneux
Milunsky, Aubrey
Mjali, Sikose Julia
Mokgethi, Kegerpi Paul

Nafte, Joshua
Nissenbaum, Michael Meyer
Otten, Jane Louise Featherstone (née Stuart)

Otten, Robert Bernard
Ou Tim, Seamus
Palmer, Raymond Ivor
Parry, David Graham
Paton, David Francis
Perlman, Morris

Plit, Michael
Prentice, Bernard Ross
Pretorius, Jack
Price, Anthony Robin

Rakusin, Wolfe
Ravdel, Arnold
Robertson, Colin

Rosenberg, Chaim Meir
Rosendorff, Clive (BSc)
Rossouw, Dennis Pieter
Rubenstein, Arthur Harold
Schneider, Gerald

Shaff, Max
Shapiro, Isaac
Shulman, Gerald

Silver, Hilton
Sims, Farrol Hyman
Urbani, Pietro
Van As, Andre
Van Veen, Evert Jan Willem. (Kleintjie)

Vinik, Aaron (Arthur)
Willies, Lawrence James Sears
Wilson, William
Wood, Edward Roy
Zail, Solam Soloman (Stanley)
Zeilinga, Jan Abraham
Arnold, Maurice (Toby)
Dart, Professor Raymond
Elliott, Professor Guy Abercrombie
Levin, Solomon
Suzman, Moses Myer
Tobias, Professor Philip

South Africa             59
United States           17
United Kingdom       8
Israel                        3
New Zealand           1
Australia                  1


Doctor of Science
Aubrey Milunsky                 1982
Arthur Rubenstein               2001

Maisels, Jeffrey M               2007

Doctor of Medicine
Avroy Fanaroff                    2001
Gary Katz                           1971
Rodwin A. Jackson             1974

John A. Lee                        1973
David Paton                        1974
Chaim M. Rosenberg          1966
Clive Rosendorff                 1977
Arthur I. Vinik                      1970
Stanley S. Zail                    1964
Doctor of Philosophy in Medicine
Andre van As                     1976